Family Promise Week- March 19-26

Family Promise Week (WIHN) - March 19-26, 2017

Make plans now to help with the Family Promise Week formerly known as Wake Interfaith Hospitality Week.  Sign up  on the sign-up boards in the church or by contacting Susan, Erin (Avent Ferry UMC), or Frank or completing the sign-up form.  These are some of the needs.

     Overnight host and hostess: Male and female needed to spend night at church.  Arrive around 8:30 pm and leave around 7:30.  Beds are set up in the nursery room and parlor.  Handle any concerns overnight and be sure that guests are up and ready to return to the day center by 7:00 am.  Supervise breakfast.  Easy breakfast foods (cereals, poptarts, etc) are available for guests.

Evening host and hostess: Male and female to be at church from around 5:30 pm until overnight host arrive.  Interact with families, eat dinner, and perhaps plan evening activities for children.

Meal Preparer: Prepare and serve meal to guest at around 6:00  pm.

Drivers: Pick up or return guests to the day center on Kent Road.  Some guests have their own transportation but others need transportation support.  Evening time around 6:00 pm and morning time around 7:00 am.

Set up Helpers: Prepare SS rooms for guests on Sunday of Family Promise week.

Breakdown helpers: Return SS rooms to regular use early Sunday morning.

Laundry Helpers: Wash sheets, etc at end of week...

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