Sunday School

VBS CraftThe Church School, or known to most as “Sunday School” meets every Sunday morning at 9:30 in the Education Building which is located to the left as one faces the church. Throughout the year, most of the classes focus on the Presbyterian curriculum entitledWe Believe, while some participate in special study themes. Different divisions of the Church School are as follows:



Children's Sunday SchoolPreschool and elementary age children explore major Biblical stories, events and characters and how those stories speak to their own lives in today’s world. Creative activities such as art, drama, puppetry, music and writing involve the children in active learning.

Preschool & Kindergarten and Grades 1 & 2 Sunday School Classes
These two classes use the Workshop Rotation Curriculum, a dynamic educational approach that explores Bible stories through art, science, creative drama, music, and cooking. 

          Preschool & Kindergarten: Room 208
          Grades 1 & 2: Room 209

Grades 3-5 Sunday School Class
This class focuses on Old and New Testament stories; learning the books of the Bible and Bible verses. They practice the Kyrie, Doxology, Lord’s Prayer, Gloria Patri, and Apostle’s Creed, allowing them to participate fully in worship. The class meets in Room 100.


VBS Youth

Youth Sunday School Class
Grades 6-12 meet in Room 106 and use PCUSA curricula designed to address the questions and concerns of this age group through discussion and reflection.


Word/ Share/ Prayer 

This class is for adults who enjoy group scripture study and exploration through shared interpretation of the day's lectionary.  We read the scripture aloud and silently, ponder what it means individually and as a group, ask and answer questions about Jesus comparison to our lives, and prepare to hear the preacher's message on the same scripture. We invite you to join us in reading, sharing and praying together in the fellowship hall.

Parlor Class 

This class focuses on Bible scripture using the PCUSA Uniform Lesson Series: The Present Word. All adults are welcome to join the lively discussion in the church parlor.

The Forum Class

The Forum Sunday School Class involves Bible study which includes a variety of topics. This year the studies will focus on an overview of the books of Genesis and Acts. In both cases we will be studying beginnings. In Genesis we will study the beginning of the world and humankind in order to better understand the Christian worldview of creation and how we got in the condition we are in now. The study will involve looking at a few key events in Genesis such as the creation story, the fall, the great flood, the call of Abraham. The second study will be an overview of the book of Acts where we will study the beginnings of the Christian church so we will be able to understand where the church came from, how theological issues were addressed and who the key players were. Some of the stories we will study will include Jesus’ ascension, Pentecost, persecution of the church and, the spread of the Gospel. This class meets in Room 102.

Beginning mid June, our Church School goes into the summer schedule. Check the upcoming events section of the Home Page to learn more about the summer schedule which is designed to acommodate family vacations. The fall schedule begins with Rally Day or Christian Education Sunday.