Youth Faith Conservation Network

High school youth in Raleigh, NC of faith communities
enacting sustainable habitat and energy projects within faith communities.


The Youth Faith Conservation Network is supported by Toyota TogetherGreen,
an Audubon program with funding from Toyota.

Youth Participants:

Edward Landi of Christ Church Episcopal, Raleigh NC


Owen Clapp of Western Boulevard Presbyterian, Raleigh NC

Mary Todd Earnhardt of Western Boulevard Presbyterian, Raleigh NC

Mary Todd

David Parker of Western Boulevard Presbyterian, Raleigh NC


Vickie Machado


Vickie Machado is on the leadership team for the Eco-Stewards Program, a place-based, week long gathering where young adults combine their faith with environmental issues. As a third generation South Floridian, Vickie also works in Fort Lauderdale as an environmental organizer. She graduated with her Masters in Religion & Nature from the University of Florida in 2013.

Rob Grace

Rubaina Anjum


Rubaina Anjum is currently consulting in energy and sustainability. Her interests are environmental health, climate change policy, and community-based environmental management. She graduated with her Masters in Environmental Management from Duke University's Nicholas School of the Environment in 2014. She's also a musician and plays the piano.

Tiffany Messer


Tiffany Messer is a PhD candidate at North Carolina State University in Biological and Agricultural Engineering. Her passion for preserving and enhancing the conditions of water resources began during childhood in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains as she monitored the stream conditions that flowed throughout her family farm. She received her BS in Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering at the University of Kentucky in 2008 and her MS in Biological and Agricultural Engineering at North Carolina State University in 2010. Her future research and teaching interests reside at the interface of engineering, ecology, and education with a focus on restoration ecology.


 Conservation Partners:

Sarah Parsons, Sustainable Landscape Consultant


About the Organizer:

Dave Grace


Dave Grace’s work is to engage faith communities in sustainability and engage sustainability in faith traditions. Toward this end, he is enrolled as a dual degree masters candidate between Duke University’s Nicholas School of the Environment and Divinity School. He is developing a place-based pedagogy for faith communities to immerse the next generation within a storied environment and provide tools for engaging it, bringing youth into conversation with their predecessors and forming dynamic collaborations for a sustainable future.

Dave currently works with middle and high school students as co-director of the educational ministry of Western Boulevard Presbyterian Church. Dave is interested in interfaith dialogue and collaboration.

You can contact Dave by email: