Haiti Orphanage

Yahve Jire (God Provides) Orphanage, Haiti

The work with Yahve-Jire Orphanage is coordinated by Kathy Johnson. Our congregation has welcomed Chedlin Justinval the founder of the orphanage and we have given financial aid to the children through our Endowment Fund and by furnishing medical supplies, tuition, uniforms, and water for the orphanage through our Alternative Gift Fair. WBPC has written and received several grants from the New Hope Presbytery International Hunger program to buy needed items for the children, pay staff salary, and purchase food and water after the Earthquake in 2010. In addition we were the recipients for a Thank Offering Grant from the Presbyterian Women of the Presbyterian Church USA in Louisville, KY. We also assisted in paying the tuition for one of the founders who attended Covenant College in Georgia and who is now in the doctoral program at the School of Sociology at UNC-Chapel Hill.

We are partnering with The Yahve-Jire Children’s Foundation; The Discovery Presbyterian Church in Clayton; the YJ Children’s Foundation USA 501(c) nonprofit in Pittsburgh PA; Rev. Terry Hall at Inwood Baptist Church, Raleigh; and Rev. Gary Meyers, Retired Presbyterian Minister, Kansas City, KS, to share our love and ministry with these children so that they, too, will know the love of Christ.

— 2013 —

2013 Haiti team returns:

When all the planning is done and the trip is complete, we are left with our memories. For the 2013 Haiti Mission Team, we have incredible memories and a long list of accomplishments and experiences we can’t wait to share. It doesn’t seem possible that we did so much in such a short time and in the process exampled again that with God’s help all things are possible. We attended a small church started by a mission group from Kansas City. We had the privilege of participating in the Lord’s Supper and singing several songs we knew in English.

The lunch we planned with the family members of the children at Yahve Jire orphanage was a success. Many of the family members traveled long distances to join us for lunch. We took some amazing pictures at the photo booth. It was such a blessing to see the smiles and the hugs as they hammed it up for the camera.

We traveled 4 ½ hours by bus to visit with Mark Hare, Presbyterian Missionary to Haiti, to learn about the 40 year old organization called MPP (similar to Agriculture Extension Services) and on to the EcoVillages. We had to travel along some pretty rocky roads and then finish by walking into the village. We saw firsthand the difference between “giving a person a fish and in teaching them to fish.” This Village took displaced people from the earthquake, brought them to the country side; provided them with a home; taught them to farm a small garden; and enabled them to create a small community together. We had a great lunch prepared by the villagers, complete with rice and beans, fresh beets and fried goat. We sang “Lord I lift Your name on high” in Creole and in English and then together. WOW. We almost had to experience a night without electricity, water or bathroom facilities when our bus got stuck on a huge stump, thank God for our in-residence auto repairman – Ron Pittman, we got out before the rains came and we were able to get across the river before it flooded.

During the week we completed all of the projects we had scheduled including building 4 closets for the girl’s dorm, digging 2 gray water ponds and lining them with stones, building an award winning chicken coop at the base of the water tower, and transporting concrete blocks and more concrete blocks from the block factory to the workmen raising the security wall around the perimeter of the complex.

The highlight of our week among others was bringing all the children out to their soon to be new home and making individual stepping stones with them. The children were ecstatic to be there and ran all over in so much joy.

We held our own Stop Hunger Now rice and bean packing party and gave 500 lbs of rice, 200 lbs of beans and 2 cases of cooking oil to the families at Hope Village next to the complex. We saw firsthand the leadership of the Voodoo Priestess as she organized the food distribution.

And if that wasn’t enough we were treated to a special dinner at the orphanage that rivaled any banquet we had ever attended and a music and dance performance by the kids. An incredible blessing to see them so happy and so proud of themselves.

We arrived home physically tired and worn out but emotionally and spiritually on top of the world. An adventure we won’t soon forget. Lord I lift Your name on high, Lord I love to sing Your praises, I’m so glad You’re in my life, I’m so glad You came to save us. Thank you again WBPC, Discovery Church and United Church of Chapel Hill for your financial assistance, your love and your prayers. We could not have done it without your blessings.

Figure: Various photos from Summer 2013.

2013 Team Haiti is ready to roll June 29 – July 7, 2013:

We plan to do some landscaping, build composte bins, build sewing tables, go on a field trip to Henche to the MPP Peasant Movement of Papaye to visit the Presbyterian Missionary, Mark Hare.

— 2012 —

2012 Team Haiti was such a success:

We were not only able to paint the inside of the new dormitories, get running water in the bathrooms, build bedroom closets and shelves in the kitchen but we also took the children to the Baptist Mission and up to Ft. Jacques. This was quite an adventure and the first time the children had been on a field trip. The highlight was taking all the children to MacEpi (McDonalds, Haitian style) for ice cream. What a delight.

Figure: Various photos from Summer 2012.

Mission Trip planned for June 18-26, 2012:

We have 11 wonderful disciples getting ready to venture out again. We are excited about the prospects of seeing the kids in the new Yahve Jire Homeland. High probability of lots of laughter, music, sewing, arts, and of course hard work as we lend our hand to making this a wonderful home for the children and staff of Yahve Jire.

— 2011 —

Thank You letter from Chedlin, 8/28/2011:

Dear friends, God bless you in the name of Jesus, Last Friday we organised a picnic at the new place. We had the opourtunity to plant 100 pine trees all around the fence. We also planted 10 coconut palms, 6 citrus 6 oranges and 1 sablier. every child planted a tree and they were so happy and proud. We will continue to bring the kids on site in order to have them participate in the landscaping, to clean and to learn about the projects we want to realize for people of the area. Thanks so very much for the beautiful blessing you are to our lifes. God bless. This [figure below] is the new orphanage the first time the children have come to visit. The Haiti Mission Team helped to put in the gravel walkway. In the distance you can see the new water bottles on top of the water tower we helped to erect. It is progressing so very well. – Chedlin Justinvil

Figure: Image from Chedlin of the Yahve Jire kids visiting their new home.

Figure: Some of the Yahve Jire kids planting their own trees at the orphanage.

Haiti Mission Team Returns (June, 2011):

We are home, but our hearts are still in Haiti. We had an amazing trip to Haiti and have such a sense of accomplishment. Our guesthouse accommodations were par excellent even though Kathy and Ed had to change rooms 3 times. Devotions around the pool each evening was an added bonus. The children at Yahve Jire Orphanage are well and happy and thriving. The highlight of our trip was getting to spend time coloring, putting together puzzles, playing soccer, jumping rope, playing “rock, paper, sissors”, thumb wrestling, and hanging out with the kids. At the orphanage under construction site, we were able to landscape the new dormitories by putting in a walkway around the domes, we built a swale to help with the water runoff to Ed’s specifications, the ladies put in a 60’ by 60’ parking lot, the men raised a 30’ water tower, we picked up trash and construction debris, and we all put in plant beds and planted coconut palm trees and Australian pines. On the last day we were blessed with a request from Chedlin, the director, to leave our handprint in the front steps of the new orphanage. Pictures and slides will be shown at WNL September 14th. The need is still great. We presently send a check for $1,000/month to buy food and medical care for the children. We need to send at least $2,000 per month just for food. This does not include salary for the staff or salary for the teachers. Two more of the children, Wilkey and Didley, have passed their government exams and are ready for high school. Daphnee passed her first year studies in High School that would have not been possible without the help of a kind donation by one of our congregation. They cannot go to high school next year unless we can help with their tuition costs. It is $1800 per year for one child; this includes their books, uniform, one meal/day, tap tap (taxi) fare and their education. The younger children are educated at home and we are happy to report that they all passed their end of year testing. The Bible Chapel in Pittsburgh, PA has done wonderful fundraising and has supplied all of the construction costs thus far. We were able to leave funds with Chedlin to add to the money the children of WBPC raised for a well to purchase the water pump needed for the new orphanage! We all hope you will consider “adopting” the children and staff at Yahve Jire by making a pledge to contribute monthly to the Haiti fund. We will have pledge cards at WNL in September. Above all, thank you WBPC for your love, your support and your prayers. With God’s continued blessing of our mission work in Haiti we will bring hope to these children that all things are possible.

Chedlin has started operating a cement block factory to be used in the rebuilding of Haiti and to make money to use in operating the Orphanage. A lot of work has occurred since the earthquake in January 2010.

Figure: The 2011 Haiti Mission Team at the Caribe in Petionville. We had a wonderful dinner, but it didn’t compare to Lily’s national rice and turkey at Mon chez moi guesthouse.

— 2010 —

Thank you note from Chedlin, December 2010, during period of unrest following elections:

God bless you friends Thanks so much for your prayers, we are okay where we are by the grace of God, the children are okay, they said hello and they sent their love. All the school are closed because of all the demonstrations in the streets. The children living in the tent cities are confronting with hunger and thirst because the situation of insecurity keep the supports from getting to them. So we thank God and our friends who provided a home for the Yahve-jire children to stay with every thing they need. Please continue to pray for us. – Chedlin Justinvil

Winsky Otilus, Maignant and Zikansley Sima pray before lunch at the Yahre-Jire Foundation orphanage in Tabarre, Haiti.
Western Boulevard is helping this orphanage.

We were in the news:

There was an outstanding article from The News and Observer, May 7, 2010 about the Yahve-Jire Children’s Orphanage in Haiti. (link)

These are some pictures of the children in Haiti:

Figure: Here they are playing musical chairs.

Figure: They are very traumatized from the earthquake and will not go on the 2nd floor of the house, which is the school. So they have set up school outside for now. By December 2010 (almost a year after the earthquake), the children are willing to study in their regular classroom.

Figure: (left) This is a picture of the Orphanage before the earthquake. The building sustained damage but did not collapse. (right) This is a picture of the building adjoining the Haiti Orphanage that collapsed as a result of the earthquake.

Figure: This is a picture of the dump truck for the Orphanage that two of our partners: Cathi Lesher at Worship 24/7 and Rev. Gary Myers (Retired, Kansas City) got for the cement block factory. The work at the factory gives jobs to Christian Haitians.

Figure: We leave our handprints on the front step of the new orphanage, like the people of Haiti have left their handprints in our hearts.