Thank You Messages

Thank You Messages for Church Activities

Center for Development in Central America - Thank You, May 2014

Presbyterian World Mission - Thank You, April 2014

Urban Ministries - Thank You for being in the 1-Ton-Club, February 2014

Bread for the World - Thank You, December 2013

Urban Ministries Food Pantry - Thank You, December 2013 

Presbyterian World Mission - Thank you, December 2013

Urban Ministries - Thank You, December 2013 

David Grace - Thank you for Duke Divinity School support, November 2013

Union Presbyterian Seminary - Thank you for sponsaring the scholarship of Ed Johnson, October 2013

AventWest Children's Mentoring - Thank you for support, September 2013

Wheels 4 Hope - Thank you for support, September 2013

Presbyterian Mission Agency - Thank you for Peacemaking special offering, August 2013

Presbyterian World Mission - Thank you, July 2013

David Grace - Thank you for Duke Divinity School support July 2013 

Wheels 4 Hope - Thank you for support, July 2013

Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina - Thank You, June 2013 

Urban Ministries - Thank You again, June 2013 

Urban Ministries - Thank You, June 2013 

Union Theological Seminary - April 2013 

Union Theological Seminary -Feb 2013 

Presbyterian World Missions  

Urban Ministries - Thank you letter for Winter Donations 2013 

Urban Ministries -Thank you letter for Donations 2012 

Urban Ministries - 2012 Certificate for being part of the TWO TON CLUB