Visit Our Church

1.  Visitors are always welcome. 
Everyone is welcome at Western Boulevard Presbyterian Church. We are a loving church family that serves the Raleigh community and beyond. Browse though the web site to learn more about our church.

2. How do you get to Western Boulevard Presbyterian?
WBPC  is not on Western Boulevard but is located on Kaplan Drive. Kaplan Drive connects Gorman Street and Athens Drive. Check the map for  help in finding our church.

3.  What worship opportunities are available?
10:30 am morning worship in the Sanctuary
5:00 pm afternoon service in the Fellowship Hall.

4.  What is the morning worship like?
In the morning worship we praise God through our singing, hear the word of God proclaimed, affirm our faith, pray, and express our gratitude for God’s gifts to us. Sermons present the Bible and make you think of how to serve God.  There is a variety of music led by choir, handbell choir, organ, piano or various other instruments.

5.  What is the evening worship like?
In the afternoon worship (called @theTable) congregants enjoy light snacks seated around tables in a café setting. God’s message is delivered through spoken word as well as visual media. Music is energetic and led by a praise team and band. The message communicates what the Bible teaches with practical application to life in today’s world.

6. What should I wear?
Dress may be casual wear or suits and dresses for both services. Dress may be  more casual in the evening service.

7. What about children at worship?
Children are welcomed at both  services and there is a children’s sermon. A nursery is available for young children. A Children’s Chapel offering for children 4 years old - second grade is available during the morning service. 

8.  What Sunday School and other study options are available?
Sunday morning at 9:30am there are classes available for children and youth and adults of all ages. Sunday afternoons there are classes for youth and adults at 4 pm.In addition to Church School, Middle School and High School youth meet Sunday after the evening service. Other weekday Bible Study options are offered throughout the year for youth and adults. Check out the website for more information on the opportunities that are available.

9.  Is the church handicapped accessible? 
Yes, the Sanctuary is totally accessible. The Fellowship Hall is older and is accessible for the afternoon service if you enter on the lower level

10. How do you join WBPC?
If you are interested in becoming a member of the WBPC Family or have questions about the WBPC Community of Faith, let us know. Twice a year classes are offered that provide attendees with information about our Church and what it means to become a member. But, we are not asking that you wait for our next series of classes. Contact us NOW. Use the Friendship Pad at either service to leave a message or question or speak to the minister or an officer. Someone will be happy to contact you with information and answers.