Sunday School Options

Sunday school is offered during September through May with the exception of Labor Day, the Sunday after Christmas, and Memorial Day weekend. For most classes, Sunday School meets on Sunday mornings at 9:30 in the Education Building located to the left as one faces the church. Children and youth classes are provided for ages 4 through high school. Adults may select an adult class to meet their interest and learning style. 

During the pandemic, Sunday school classes were held virtually at a variety of times and days during the week. As we reopen church facilities, the church will explore the possibility of including both virtual and in person study options.  


Room 201 and 202. Our trained nursery employees, along with congregational volunteers, create a nurturing and Christ-centered experience as the children from birth through three years of age begin to develop their worship routines. We are open from 9:15 to 12:00 noon for morning Sunday School and Worship.


Preschool – Kindergarten:  Room 207  ; Grades 1 & 2: room 209.

Our teachers in both of these classes use “Growing in Grace and Gratitude,” a Presbyterian Church USA children’s curriculum.  This series will help children to worship and serve God in grateful ways. “Shepherds” help guide the class during Sunday School time.

Grades 3, 4, 5:  Room 100.

This class focuses on Old and New Testament stories as well as learning the books of the Bible and Bible verses. They practice the Kyrie, Doxology, Lord’s Prayer, Gloria Patri, and Apostle’s Creed, allowing them to participate fully in worship. This class studies the curriculum entitled “We Believe” (PCUSA).

Youth (Grades 6-12): Room 106 (Youth Room).

This class uses curricula designed to address the questions and concerns of this age group through discussion and reflection.


Parlor Class:  Church parlor.

This class, typically attended by adults over 50 years of age, deals with a variety of topics ranging from discussion of topics on recorded DVDs such as “Return to the Holy Land” and “Great Figures from the Bible”; topics based on small published religious books; current day events as related to religion based on current newspaper and magazine articles; and sometimes, the focus is on Bible scripture based on the Uniform Lesson Series, “The Present Word”.  All adults are welcome to join the lively discussion in this class.

Forum Class:  Room 101.

The Forum Sunday School Class is a discussion-oriented Bible study in which we look at specific books of the Bible, lectionary passages and topical studies. In past years this has included an overview of Genesis and Acts with emphasis on beginnings.  In Genesis we studied key events, such as, the creation story, the fall, the great flood and the call of Abraham (among others) to better understand the Christian worldview of how the world and humans came into being and how they came to be the way they are. 

The overview of Acts looked at the beginnings of the Christian church to understand how the church started, theological issues that confronted the early church, such as baptism and the relationship between Jews and Gentiles, and who were the key players that established the church and its theology.  Some of the stories we looked at included Jesus’ ascension, Pentecost, persecution of the church, the spread of the Gospel and the work of the Holy Spirit. 

Topical studies have included Faith and Science, Discipleship and Following Jesus and an overview of Catechisms.  Future topics may include the Person and Work of the Holy Spirit, Seeing By Faith and A Fresh Look At Familiar Passages (Psalm 23, the Lord’s Prayer, etc.). 

This is very much a discussion-oriented class and is open to all who want to understand “Who is Jesus?” and “What does he want from me?”