Fellowship Groups

Fifty Plus

The 50+ crowd meets for fellowship, meals, programs, trips and outings. The group meets for lunch every third Friday. Check calendar for specific meeting place and time. Special events will be highlighted in the Upcoming Events box.

Men of the Church

This group comes together to help in a variety of ways, including cooking breakfast the second Sunday of each month from September through May. The men pull together when needed to help in a variety of projects including Day at the Lake, Loyalty Night, and Fall Fun Afternoon. Our version of cooking is never dull and will always get your attention.

Fellowship Committee Events

Wednesday Night Live- A 25+ year tradition

Fellowship hosts an average of 10 events each spring and fall (20 per year) on Wednesday nights.  We serve a hot dinner prepared by the fellowship committee along with a variety of programs.  The event is free to anyone that wants to attend, and we encourage members to invite friends and neighbors to the events.  

Examples of programs include musical groups, jump roping teams, game nights (which are a lot of fun as we are a competitive congregation), discussions on social justice, guest speakers such as a 9/11 survivor, local artists, youth night, etc.  We also include a chili cook-off each winter and a casserole cookoff in the fall.  Fun note, several of our youth have won the cook-offs so they are fun for all ages!

Day at the Lake!

Day at the Lake started out as a weekend family camp at Presbyterian Point Campground on Kerr Lake and was held for many years prior to the Presbyteries selling the property in 2002.  Now we host a fun day at Falls Lake in early June which includes games, devotion, a hamburger and hot dog lunch and a full afternoon of fun in the sun and water.  The Pittman family, with assistance from the Fellowship team, prepare the meal.  Ron and John Pittman bring the boat and entertain kids and adults with tubing on the lake until everyone is thoroughly exhausted.  

Friends and Neighbors Day

Friends and Neighbors Day (FAN Day) is held every fall, typically early October immediately following the morning service.  This event is specifically intended to be open to the entire community and we encourage congregants to invite their neighbors to the service and then lunch/games.  We advertise this event on social media and advertise to the community with a banner in front of the church.

After morning worship, Fellowship Committee provides a hot lunch for everyone in attendance.  I addition we have games such as badminton, kick ball, gaga ball, and basketball on the back lawn.  We rent bouncy houses for the kids (big and small) which provides hours of fun.  In addition to the outside games, we set up a Television in the fellowship hall with a football game (typically Carolina Panthers) as well as puzzles, card games, etc.

Most importantly, this event provides a wonderful day of fellowship and we have been able to introduce a lot of our neighbors to Wester Boulevard Presbyterian Church.


In early June, every 5th year, Fellowship coordinates the Homecoming celebration, the last was in 2019 – WBPC’s 70th Anniversary.  Every committee in the church participates in some way.  Extensive outreach is done to contact as many current and former members to invite them to homecoming.  The office staff assist with emails, sending letters and phone calls. 

The event starts with a special church service where former pastors in attendance are recognized as well as members that were part of forming the church.  After the service a catered BBQ lunch is served under the big tent outside.  After lunch there are recognitions are made for members of 50+ years, 30+ years, new members, oldest member, etc. 

After the organized program everyone is welcome to stay and visit for as long as they would like.  We see so many people staying and catching up with friends they may not have seen in a while.  

Homecoming is a special day for the church and is a wonderful celebration of all the people that make up the heart of WBPC We look forward to celebrating WBPC’s 75th anniversary in 2024!

Movie on the Lawn

Movie on the Lawn is typically held in the spring on a nice warm night just before the school year ends.  We invite members, guests, neighbors and friends to join us for a family friendly movie on the front lawn.  In addition to the movie we invite a food truck so attendees can have dinner before the move starts.  Fellowship will also provide popcorn free of charge for during the movie.  Check the website and social media for updates on the next Movie on the Lawn.

Halloween Pizza Dinner

Every Halloween the Fellowship Committee hosts a FREE pizza dinner to all the families in the neighborhood.  Dominoes Pizza partners with us and provides pizza, we order about 60 pizzas each year to feed around 120+ people – most of which are community members rather than church members.  Families really appreciate this event as they don’t have to worry about dinner and can head straight out trick or treating without doing dishes 😊

The Evangelism Committee participates by providing treat bags to all the kids in attendance to kick off their trick or treating session and gives out pamphlets to parents highlighting events at WBPC.  Fellowship enjoys this event as we get to see the children in our community dresses in some amazing costumes and seeing them grow year after year.