Biblical Justice Forum


BJF meets on Sundays at 3:30 PM. This class covers a variety of justice issues and guide us on the path as we seek Christ’s beloved community. We also take field trips to hear speakers, see plays and exhibits and fellowship with other groups of faith in our community. All are welcome!

Resources from previous meetings :

BJF quiz and DVDs on the social determinants of health ( remember that only 10% of healthcare/access addresses health—it’s the where you live, what you eat, where you play & pray that accounts for the other 90%) can be found at:

And in answer to the number of N.C. children living at 200% of poverty the statistic is 46%/1,035,000 for 2016 (which is the CHIP threshold) while those at 100% of poverty (Medicaid threshold) the statistic is 25%/563,573 for 2013.