Stephen Ministry

What Is a Stephen Minister?

Stephen Ministry is a one-on-one caring ministry where Stephen Ministers are assigned to “care receivers.” These receivers are often individuals who are grieving, sick, or going through a difficult season in life.  Stephen Ministers go through an extensive training program, and meet regularly for continuing education and peer supervision once training is completed. Stephen Ministers are asked to make a two year commitment to the program. There are currently nine trained Stephen Ministers at our church, but there is need for more. Perhaps this is a place you could show Christ’s love to the world. 

Stephen Ministers are assigned to help someone through a rough time. You can depend on them; you can trust them; you know that they’ll keep confidential whatever you tell them. Stephen Ministers listen, reflect thoughts and feelings, and care.

A Stephen Minister certainly empathizes with their care receiver but they maintain objectivity so that they can help the person rethink where they are and hopefully help them move forward.

This isn’t to say that Stephen Ministers aren’t sympathetic, even empathetic. They hurt with their care receivers too! They may hug them, cry with them, even at times be angry along with them. But if they’re going to help the care receivers, they need to maintain boundaries that will help them move beyond those feelings and help the care receiver find a way beyond them, too.

Contact the church office, Bobby Simpson or Martha Barrick if you are experiencing a rough time and would like to explore having a Stephen Minister. Care Givers are trained to help in many types of crisis situations: health, death in family, job problems, marriage problems, empty nest, etc.