Who We Are

Presbyterian Beliefs

Presbyterians share many beliefs in common with all Christians, and we are a product of the Protestant Reformation along with Methodists, Lutheran, etc. Of course we have our own distinctive beliefs and practices.

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Mission/Vision Statement approved September 2014


“Seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you…and pray to the Lord on its behalf, for in its welfare you will find your welfare.” [Jeremiah 29:7]

Just as Jeremiah encouraged those in exile to seek the welfare of the place in which they were planted, WBPC is being called to seek the welfare of the surrounding community in which we have been planted – the AventWest neighborhood. Both Jeremiah and Jesus emphasized that we find life for ourselves when we give it away. As such, we believe that it is in seeking our community’s welfare and wholeness that we will find our own. Rather than worry so much about attracting people into WBPC and filling our pews, we are called to focus on simply being servants to our community.

MISSION STATEMENT (our reason for being)

We live to share God’s love for ALL

VISION STATEMENT (result of successful attempt at mission)

A vibrant community church reflecting the Kingdom of God

MINISTRY PRIORITIES (goals for next 5-7 years)

Build relationships (within church and within community)
Action ideas:
• Increase “Movie on Lawn” events
• Publicize WNL events in the community
• Better publicize & promote involvement in community garden
• Sponsor community yard sale for a local cause or neighborhood need
• Provide community-wide recreation events, game nights, etc.

Expand education (to better equip all ages to navigate thru a vastly changing world)
Action ideas:
• Strengthen Christian education for all ages
• Offer classes for church & community on topics of interest – i.e. financial fitness, health & wellness, parenting, marriage enrichment, comparative religions, etc.
• Invite retired professors in neighborhood to teach community classes

Provide shelter
Action ideas:
• Seek to become a designated emergency shelter following natural disasters
• Offer community-wide grief counseling and support groups
• Maintain strong WIHN involvement (invite neighborhood to help)
• Better publicize Stephen Ministry for church & community (trained listeners)

Nurture spirituality
Action ideas:
• Develop outdoor prayer labyrinth
• Create space in church for prayer stations
• Preach & teach on prayer
• Promote better understanding of ourselves as stewards of God’s gifts (time, talents, financial resources, creation care, self-care)
• Continue to offer dynamic, life-giving worship services


By the grace of God, the love of Jesus Christ, and the power of the Holy Spirit, we strive to be Christ-like in upholding these biblically-based core values:

Welcome – we seek and embrace all people, celebrating our differences.

Community – we work, learn and grow together as a loving and caring Christian family.

Nurture – we encourage our children, youth and adults in the development of their faith and spiritual gifts.

Worship – we enjoy biblically grounded, Spirit-filled and meaningful worship that equips us for service to others.

Compassion – we give ourselves in mission and outreach to the world.

Evangelism – we proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ through our words and our actions, inviting all to join in our fellowship.

Reconciliation – we know that human nature divides, but Jesus Christ unites.

Gratitude – we recognize that all we have comes from God and we are compelled to respond with love and humility.

Justice – we work to change the structures of society that oppress others.